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IBATUS - Fetching a List of List of Strings from the XML Mapping - Help Needed

shiva kumar-10

Hi All,


This is Sivakumar. I am working with a Struts based UI Application. I have a requirement to externalize all the SQL Queries from the DAO Classes to the XML Files using IBATIS Framework. I would need your assistance in solving an issue that i am facing while modifying the Queries. I am facing an issue in a particular method within A DAO  Class where the select query returns a List of List of Records in the Normal DAO Query. However i am not able to fetch this when i am using the IBATIS resultClass="list". Please find below the Method below and let me know your suggestions, so that I could fetch a list of List from the IBATIS XML File Mapping. It would be really helpful to me.


    Method before using IBATIS:


    public List findClaims(ClaimSearchCriteriaVO searchCriteriaVO, UserProfileVO userProfileVO) throws DAOException {


      List displayColumns = searchCriteriaVO.getDisplayColumns();




      sql = prepareSQL(searchCriteriaVO.getDisplayColumns());
      sql.append(" FROM wrkenv01..WKTV_GP00_CLAIMS WHERE ");
      sql.append("USUS_ID = ? AND ");
      sql.append("GP00_SESSION_ID = ? AND ");
      sql.append("WEB_PAGE_IND = ? ");


      if (searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortColumn() != null && !   searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortColumn().equalsIgnoreCase(Constants.ASTRIX)) {

        sql.append("ORDER BY " + searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortColumn());


        if (searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortOrder() != null && searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortOrder().equalsIgnoreCase("D")) {

          sql.append(" DESC ");

        } else {

          sql.append(" ASC ");
      pstmt = con.prepareStatement(sql.toString());
      sessionId = String.valueOf(userProfileVO.getSessionId()).trim();
      pstmt.setString(1, userProfileVO.getUserId());
      pstmt.setString(2, sessionId);
      pstmt.setString(3, "S"); // WEB_PAGE_IND 'S' for search
      rs = pstmt.executeQuery();
      searchResultList = new ArrayList();

      while (rs.next()) {

        rowList = new ArrayList();

        if (displayColumns != null) {

          for (int displayColumnsIter = 0; displayColumnsIter < displayColumns.length; displayColumnsIter++) {


    } catch (SQLException ex) {

      m_logger.error("SQLException in findClaims() :" + ex.getMessage());
      throw new DAOException(ex.getMessage());

    } finally {

      AppDBUtil.closeQueryObjects(rs, pstmt, con);
    return searchResultList;



Method after using IBATIS: DAO.java file


public List findClaims(ClaimSearchCriteriaVO searchCriteriaVO, UserProfileVO userProfileVO) throws DAOException {


    String[] displayColumns = null;

    String claimSortColumn = null;

    String claimSortOrder = null;

    List searchResultList = null;


    try {


      displayColumns = searchCriteriaVO.getDisplayColumns();

      claimSortColumn = searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortColumn();

      claimSortOrder = DaoUtil.trim(searchCriteriaVO.getClaimSortOrder());


      Map findClaimsMap = new HashMap();

      findClaimsMap.put("userID", userProfileVO.getUserId());

      String sessionId = String.valueOf(userProfileVO.getSessionId()).trim();

      findClaimsMap.put("sessionID", sessionId);

      findClaimsMap.put("webPageInd", "S");


      if (displayColumns != null) {


        findClaimsMap.put("displayColumns", displayColumns);


      if (claimSortColumn != null && !claimSortColumn.equalsIgnoreCase(Constants.ASTRIX)) {



        findClaimsMap.put("claimSortColumn", claimSortColumn);


        if (claimSortOrder != null) {


          findClaimsMap.put("claimSortOrder", claimSortOrder);



      SqlMapClient sqlMapQueryBuilder = AppUtil.getSQLMapQueryBuilder(m_logger, sqlMapConfigFile);

      searchResultList = sqlMapQueryBuilder.queryForList("Claim.findClaims", findClaimsMap);


      for (int i = 0; i < searchResultList.size(); i++){


        List rowsList = (List) searchResultList.get(i);

        System.out.println("rowsList "+rowsList.size()); // This should contain all the Column Values fetched from the Table. But this prints 0




    } catch (SQLException ex) {


      m_logger.error("SQLException in findClaims() :" + ex.getMessage());

      throw new DAOException(ex.getMessage());


    return searchResultList;



using IBATIS: Query.xml file


<select id="findClaims" resultClass="list" >


                  <isPropertyAvailable property="displayColumns">

                              <iterate prepend ="," property="displayColumns" conjunction=",">



                          </isPropertyAvailable> as claimsList

                         FROM wrkenv01..WKTV_GP00_CLAIMS WHERE

             USUS_ID = #userID# AND

             GP00_SESSION_ID = #sessionID# AND

         WEB_PAGE_IND = #webPageInd#

         <isPropertyAvailable property="claimSortColumn" >

                                    ORDER BY $claimSortColumn$

                                    <isPropertyAvailable property="claimSortOrder" >

                                                <isEqual property="claimSortOrder" compareValue="D">



                                                <isNotEqual property="claimSortOrder" compareValue="D">







Could you please provide your expertise on this?





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